Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sell Your Clothes through a Consignment Store

Sure you can try selling on ebay, but will you ever get around to it? Taking photos of every single item, then paying for shipping and giving ebay their cut - will you have made money?  Some people are experts at selling on ebay but if you aren't experienced, you can actually lose money.

Save yourself the hassle and take your clothes to a consignment store instead.
Sift through your closet(s) for:
Coats & Jackets
Blazers / Suit coats
Formal Dresses
All other clothing & apparel

You should probably sell it if:

  • you rarely wear it
  • you never have an occasion to wear it
  • you spent a lot of money on it and feel guilty giving it away
  • it's great on the hanger but not flattering on your body
  • you keep putting off getting the alterations it needs
  • you've lost weight but are keeping it "just in case"
  • you've gained weight but intend to fit back into it "someday"
Call ahead to find out if your local stores are currently taking any inventory and if there are limitations on what they allow you to bring in.  Try calling around to several stores.

I have taken my clothing to Fashions Anew in Oak Park, Illinois. They only allow you to bring in 15 items and it must be clothing for the upcoming season.  

3 months later when I've completely forgotten about it, suddenly there will be a check in the mailbox from $40 to $75!

This is a great way to make money with little time and effort involved.

Try it with kids' clothes too!  Your kids are constantly growing out of their clothes, so sell them to your local children's consignment store!

To those who want to donate clothing to charity instead of selling it, consider patronizing your local GoodWill Stores as a customer rather than a donor.  You will still be supporting their cause and you can buy with the money you made off of selling your clothing!

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