Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gifting on a Budget is Challenging!

Here's How to Find a Gift Someone Likes


Not Spend a lot of Money.

Many people are out on Christmas Eve running around like chickens with their heads cut off scrambling for that "perfect gift" for their significant other.  Parking lots are jam packed, crowds are swarming, merchandise is picked over and what's left is way overpriced.  This is a recipe for overspending and getting stressed out! 


Not all sales are created equal.  There are great deals on Black Friday but don't assume everything on sale that day is a rock bottom deal.  And those products may get sold out fast, wasting your trip.  Here is a great article exposing the truth about Black Friday: 10 Things Stores Won't Say About Black Friday.

Buying After Christmas Offers 4 Advantages:
  1. Get a Jump Start on the New Year;
  2. Buy Now to Enjoy a Full Year without Buying Any More Gifts; 
  3. Prices are Reduced; and
  4. The stores are not Pandemonium.  
Make list of everyone you want to buy a birthday and Christmas gift for next  year.  Buy them all after Christmas and relax for an entire year without having to buy any more gifts!   


Use Pinterest (click here)
Pinterest offers 2 main advantages:
  1. Get Gift Ideas - There are THOUSANDS OF INEXPENSIVE GIFT IDEAS on Pinterest.  Here's a link to an article with 100 different frugal gift ideas.
  2. Have A Way to Remember Those Ideas.  Pinterest is an online bulletin board system with pins which "bookmark" your webpage.  You can create a board for whatever category you want. Create a Board which is called, "Gifts," and pin various gift ideas.  You can even create a Secret board if you don't want your loved ones to see what they're getting. When it's time to buy, you can simply go to your board and remember all your ideas and where to buy them.  Here's my Board called Gifting on a Budget.
You can even create a board to let others know what you want for Christmas!

Use Amazon's "Save For Later" feature
From time to time my husband will mention something he really wants to buy.  Immediately I go on Amazon and put it in my "Save For Later" list.  Then when I have time I can shop around for that item with the best quality at the cheapest price.  When his birthday or Christmas approaches, I buy it within the 30 day return policy time frame and Amazon ships it free. 

3 advantages with Amazon's "Save For Later" feature: 
  1. You will have time to read reviews;
  2. You can look for a gift without rushing;
  3. You won't be wracking your brain for a gift idea when you need one;
  4. You will have time to compare prices & find a good deal.  

Stock up on a rock bottom deal when you see one: books, candles or other items which would make great gifts for just about anyone.  Buy & save them for when you need a gift.  The other day I saw several beautiful tote bags for $3.99 each.  I missed my window of opportunity, though, but next time I'll grab those up and save them for when I need a gift. 

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