Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get Paid for Sharing Your Opinion

Years ago I joined a database company which facilitates market research groups called Focuscope in Chicago, IL. They take your personal information and contact you if they have a market research study group which fits your gender, age, and profile.  Their research topics run the gamete from favorite shampoo to mattresses.

The times I actually was selected and went to a study, I really enjoyed it.  There was a conference table of about a dozen random people and we were asked several questions and we discussed our opinions.  Here are a few times I remember:

  • A Women's Cable Channel - $60 for a study group which was 1-2 hours in duration;
  • A nationwide, well renowned weight loss company - $60 for a study group which was 1-2 hours in duration;
  • A cancelled group - $60 - I showed up only to find out it was cancelled, but I still got paid.

This is a great way to bring in extra cash.  Go to Google and type in "focus group studies" and also the name of your city and State.  Join several databases to maximize your opportunities. 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Focus Groups and Taste Tests. I have been doing them for about 11yrs and now my boys are participating in them for their ages. My 11yr old did one a couple months ago and got paid $100.

    I have found Focus Groups on Craigslist in the Part Time jobs column, sub catergory ETC. A really good resource for Databases from all over the country is Just put in the city and state of Residence and it will bring up listings for Focus Group and Taste Test companies for that area. Another resource is:

    VERY good way to earn some extra cash while expressing your thoughts and opinions as a consumer.

    1. Kendra that is such great information!! Thank you for posting!!