Monday, September 23, 2013

Garage/Estate Sales, Flea Markets & More

Did you know the Williams & Sonoma stores sell actual antiques from the Paris Flea Market?  They do, and the prices are sky high! 

Go and look, get ideas and then buy similar quality for A LOT less money at a garage sale, moving sale, estate sale, flea market or Craigslist.

Here are some of my best finds.

Vintage, early 1900s Underwood Typewriter No. 4 - recently selling on Ebay for $175 - I paid $25 at a flea market.

Silver Plated Champagne Bucket.  I saw a very similar bucket at a swanky boutique for over $100.  I paid $15 at a moving sale.
Hunting painting. I paid $10 from a seller on Craigslist.

3 vintage crystal wine glasses to add to the set I inherited
 from my Grandma on my father's side. I paid $1.25 each at a garage sale.

Set of 6 vintage crystal wine glasses made in France.
The set is worth $40 - I paid $4.00 for the whole set at a garage sale.

Vintage oil painting of a street in Paris.  I paid $10 from a seller on Craigslist.

Silverplated salt & pepper shakers - I paid $2 each from a Seller on Craigslist. They are very heavy and well made.

Pewter water pitcher.  I paid $4.00 at a moving sale.

 Authentic silver chalices made in Italy - I paid $1 for each at a flea market.
Hand painted bone China dish - I paid $1 at a garage sale.
Lovely, large tablecloth purchased at a moving sale for $15 - includes the napkin set below.  It was still carefully folded in the dry cleaning bag when I bought it. 
Lovely set of 12 napkins came with the tablecloth above at the moving sale

Vintage book - $1
These are very heavy, plaster reliefs which can be hung on the wall.  They are fairly large.
I found the same ones online at a garden center store for $120 each. I paid $20 each.

Coffee Service set - $15 for the set from a seller on Craigslist
Thanks for checking out my post!  I hope you got some good tips and discovered that you can get that Paris Flea Market antique look for a dollar store price! 

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