Sunday, September 22, 2013

Frugal Fun with Friends

We often think we have center our social life around food or entertainment, which often means spending money going to the movies, a concert, an event, or a meal, etc.

There are other ways to socialize on a budget besides doing things together which cost money.

The Lord has blessed me with some wonderful friends.  In the past few weeks I've been able to spend time with each of them in budget-friendly ways.  Here's what we did:

Playing board games or cards with friends.
My sweet grandmother says I'm frugal because I am part Scottish and part Bohemian.  There is a very small percentage of those ethnicities in me - I'm primarily Irish, Danish and English, but I sure do love a bargain.  My grandma and I like to play a game of scrabble or Rummy 500 in cards.  It is fun and it's free. We get a chance to talk to each other about what's going on in our lives while we play.
My grandmother and me
Talking and praying with friends.  My closest friend Rachel, is not only budget-friendly but also is my prayer partner.  This great gal and I pray together over the phone once a month.  Although she lives almost 500 miles away, we email almost every day and are the best of friends. Thanks to her cell phone plan and free minutes, we are able to chat without cost.  I'm so thankful for her friendship, encouragement and prayers.  She is quite the frugalista and is always giving me great tips on how to save money.  We encourage each other in our efforts to be good stewards of our money.
My lovely, dear friend Rachel and her husband, Brian (he makes great blue cheese burgers!)

Enjoying low-cost hobbies with friends.  My budget-friendly friend Valerie and I often get together to make cards.  We pool together our card making supplies and make some lovely cards together. Yes, making cards does cost money up front with buying supplies and stamping equipment and materials, but in the long run, card for card it is less expensive than store bought cards.  Plus, I often use the cards as gifts in packets of 8 or 10.  I can make something I'll use, enjoy a hobby and at the same time enjoy the company of a good friend and it doesn't cost any money (although I must confess, we did spend money on a pizza!).

Walking with friends.  My budget-friendly friend Tiffani and I enjoy walking several miles and getting some exercise.  Walking together burns calories, allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature and provides time for good conversation.  Also, it's free!  We did work up an appetite but we chose an inexpensive place for lunch - $7.49 for the salad bar at Jason's Deli. 

Ministering to others with friends.  My budget-friendly friend Laura and I like to shop at Goodwill together, but we also love to sing duets together.  Together we've ministered to the elderly at nursing homes or at our church.  Here we are after a church concert where we sang a duet together called Laudamus Te from Vivaldi's Gloria.  She's the glamorous gal on the left.
My friend Laura and I after singing at a Christmas Concert
Bible study with friends.  Several ladies came on a Saturday morning the other week .  We socialized and discussed how to spend time getting closer to the Lord and balancing life's demands.  We had a wonderful time sharing and encouraging each other.  Invite your friends over for coffee and a Bible study (or even a book club) and just enjoy time together.

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  1. You are such a sweet heart! Your friendship means the world to me, and I really look forward to our time of chatting/prayer together.
    I love how creative you are in coming up with fun things to do . Like going on a walk, making cards, playing games, and using your talents to bless others. You are such a blessing to so many people! I'm so, so glad you started this blog so that we can all learn from each other.